Commercial Claim Handling Fees

As a business owner you have enough responsibility running the business without getting bogged down trying to deal with an Insurance company. Your claim approach will have a significant impact on the size of any payments you receive. This will also determine how long it takes to get your business back up and trading. Commercial claims are complex and extremely technical. Policies can be confusing and on top of this is a Loss Adjuster appointed by the Insurance company who will be looking at ways to reduce your claim or even refuse it. They will be supported by many industry professionals who’s sole aim is to assist the Insurance company in this process. You will have access to your own Professionals and their team on your side.

Commercial Claims Preparation Usually Involves:

Policy Interpretation

Compiling VAR (Values At Risk)

Under-Insurance Issues

Alternative Trading Premises

Business Interuption & Loss Of Profits

Emergency Payments On Account

Stock, Plant & Machinery

Stakeholder Communications

Increased Costs Of Working

Damage Mitigation

Building Repairs

Decontamination & drying

Asbestos Removal

Project Management


Health & Safety

Our fees are a small percentage of the settlement we obtain for you. Our fees are usually adsorbed many times over by the increase in settlement we get our clients. The percentage is determined on the size and complexity of the claims circumstances.

You May Be An Experienced Business Person But Are You An Expert In Insurance Claims?

Insurance Claims Assessors

 Policy Technicians

 Chartered Surveyors

 Insurance Approved Contractors

 Building & Contents Specialists

Structural Engineers

Contamination Experts

Access To Specialist Networks

Our Technical Team Or The Company Belong To The Following Organisations