The Incident: Fire

Mr P suffered a fire to his family business out of hours. Although the fire brigade attended promptly, the fire and associated smoke completely wrecked the entire property including all of the machinery. There was structural damage to the roof and steels supporting the brickwork. The building was also full of Asbestos.


“I contacted some well-known Loss Assessors who were interested until they realised this was not an easy claim and dropped me like a stone. Oakleafe Claims Scotland were recommended to me and took up the gauntlet on my behalf. Insurers were trying to kick the claim out on a technicality, thank goodness we had Oakleafe Claims Scotland on-board otherwise I dread to think where we would be now.

What We Did

The Results

Mr P now has a brand new factory and state of the art equipment we managed to negotiate with insurers. His business was largely uninterrupted thanks to the speed of our organising alternative business premises and the rental of machinery.

“Very professionally they managed the situation, getting the claim accepted. They handled the entire process and negotiations with insurers. I now have a completely new factory and brand new machinery”