Commercial Insurance Claims Handling

Helping your business get back on track

Insurance Claim Management For Your Business

Making a commercial insurance claim can often be a complex daunting task that takes up a lot of your free time which could have been spent on working on your business.

We are the leading Loss Assessors in Scotland who can help you to recover your business to pre-loss Condition. Any disaster may cause major disruption to trading in your Business. We understand that you will want to return to the status quo as quickly as possible. Lost trading means no income. Unfortunately with Insurance Companies, this is often contrary to their approach a claim.

We will inject some urgency into the claim process to get you back on track. Oakleafe Claims Scotland will ensure you receive your full entitlement and deal with everything including Meetings, Negotiations with Insurers, Quantum and Emergency Payments.


Helping Your Business Recover

You may be surprised when you make a claim that your Insurance company, whom you have probably paid to cover you for many years, do not respond in the same manner of enthusiasm in which they took your premiums. It is in Insurers Interests to starve you so that you may accept a more economical settlement. They may try to refuse to pay the claim in the first instance. How would you know any different or if the offer is genuinely what you are entitled to?

You are legally allowed to use a Loss Assessor to prepare, present & negotiate your claim. The advantage of having us represent you is that we will ensure you get your full entitlement & let you dictate your own claim now your Insurance Company.  It is in everyone’s interest to get you back up and trading as quickly as possible.

How Can We Help You?




I was introduced to Oakleafe Claims Scotland many years ago. Now and again we have a problem with one of our properties of this nature. I am very experienced in the property industry however when it comes to Insurance claims these are often very complex and time consuming. After they handled my first claim for me I realised that not only were they much better at it than me but they achieved a far higher settlement than I ever would.
Mr C
Commercial Landlord
I contacted some well-known Loss Assessors who were interested until they realised this was not an easy claim and dropped me like a stone. Oakleafe Claims Scotland were recommended to me and took up the gauntlet on my behalf. Insurers were trying to kick the claim out on a technicality, thank goodness we had Oakleafe Claims Scotland on-board otherwise I dread to think where we would be now.
Mr P
Business Owner

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