Storm Damage Insurance Claims Handling

Making An Insurance Claim After Storm Damage

Storm Damage Claim Management For Your Home

Oakleafe Claims Scotland understand that storms can cause extensive damage to your home or business and usually has a devastating effect on your usual routines. Our aim is to get you recovered as quickly as possible with your domestic household storm claim.

Ideally we would be in place to assist you at the start of the claim process, but we can also rescue a claim that is some way down the line. Once appointed we will immediately give you access to our team of specialists like the ones Insurance companies will use on their side to minimise or even refuse to pay out. This way we ensure you get your full entitlement in all respects. You will have ON YOUR SIDE a claims technician, Chartered Surveyor, Project manager, Restoration Experts and Building Contractors.  From inception to completion – WE WORK EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.

How Can We Help You?


Domestic Storm Damage

Your Insurance company will appoint a Loss Adjuster to look after their interests. He is paid by them to assess the validity of the claim and see how he can reduce or even refuse to pay the claim. He is NOT on your side.

We will manage the entire process and get what you are covered for. Let us present the options to you for a final decision. Oakleafe Claims Scotland will take control of the situation and protect YOU. We will minimise the strain and make a real difference to the outcome of your claim. Our involvement will expedite the claim process and ensures you get exactly what you are entitled to, leaving you to concentrate on your family, work and pets.

If you go it alone you may later realise that you were entitled to more than you actually received at which point it may be too late.

Our Response & Restoration Network, offers Fire & Smoke restoration services with a wealth of experience.

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