The Incident: Flood

A leak from the loft whilst Mr L was at work led to extensive damage in several rooms. He rang insurers who advised that nobody could attend due to workload for 5 days and to hold on until this time. The house was uninhabitable and Mr Lau stayed in a hotel before contacting us.


“I did what most people would do in the circumstances and called my insurance company. I was basically told they’re too busy to deal with me until later in the week as the incident happened on a Saturday. Initially
I just stayed in a local hotel but I had no clothes as they were damaged in the leak and was extremely worried about the house. The next morning I spoke to the hotel reception staff and one of them recommended I call Oakleafe as her sister had suffered something similar and had used them before. I called them on a Sunday and true to form one of their guys came out that afternoon.”


What We Did

The Results

“Within 4 hours of engaging Oakleafe Claims Scotland we had a new loss adjuster coming own the very next day. I couldn’t have asked for more. I never had to worry about anything or do any meetings other than approving the sums negotiated by them with insurers. My home has been restored to a very high finish and I am extremely pleased with the sums I got to replace my furniture and clothing. Well done Oakleafe Claims Scotland. I thought loss assessors only helped businesses but to my fortune I now know they will help with any size claim, whether commercial or residential. I never want to have to go through that again but if I do I’ll call
Oakleafe Claims Scotland claims straight away.”