Managing Agents & Property Factors

Insurance Claim Management For Property Factors & Property Agents

Oakleafe has a niche homeowner asset protection scheme for Property Factors in Scotland.

If you are Property Factor and currently attempting to undertake Insurance Claims in house, consider the benefits of having a Professional claims management company working under your branding supporting your client base undertaking this process.

Under your Authority To Act, you can outsource the management of the claims process under your delegated authority to our Professionals who will be there to protect your clients with representation on their side.

Insurance Claims for Property Factors

We Support Your Property Owners

As Property factors you will be aware you must have a procedure in place for submitting insurance claims on behalf of homeowners and for liaising with the insurer to check that claims are dealt with promptly and correctly. This is a time consuming and often complex process which can leave you with the unwanted liability of ensuring you quantify and present the loss accurately. Remember it is the policy holders’ job to prepare and present their claim not the property factors. Insurance Loss Adjusters will not do this for you. This leaves you in an often-compromising situation.

The Loss Adjusters appointed by the Insurance company are there to protect their interests, often in conflict with what is needed to secure your property owners best interests. Their obligations lie with their principles which are the Insurance company. How many times as a property factor have you had problems with Insurers reducing or even refusing a claim which leaves uninsured losses for your clients?

How do your property owners react when they are notified that they now have to contribute towards a proportion of the works? This often reflects very badly on you as a property factor – as far as the homeowners are concerned – you organised the Insurance!

Advanced Claims Tracking

We will provide you with a direct communication medium to your own claim’s technician and access to our Trackpro claims tracking online portal which will keep you up to date with every step of the process.

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