Commercial Fire & Smoke Insurance Claims

Making An Insurance Claim After Fire Or Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke Claim Management For Your Business

Oakleafe Claims Scotland understand that Fire and Smoke causes extensive damage to your business and usually has a devastating effect on your usual routines. Making an insurance fire claim can often be a complex daunting task that takes up a lot of your free time which could have been spent on working on your business. We have the expertise to handle commercial insurance fire and smoke damage claims and our aim is to get your business up and running as quickly as possible with a commercial business fire claim.


Professionals On Your Side

Ideally we would be in place to assist you at the start of the claim process, but we can also rescue a claim that is some way down the line. Once appointed we will immediately give you access to the specialists that the Insurance company will use on their side to minimise or even refuse to pay out. This way we ensure you get your full entitlement in all respects. You will have ON YOUR SIDE a claims technician, Chartered Surveyor, Project manager, Restoration Experts and Building Contractors.

What is Business Interruption?

Business Interruption Insurance covers financial losses that are a direct consequence of a fire or smoke damage. Business Interruption will assist with quantifying loss of profit, loss of rental and additional staff costs.

How We Can Help With Business Interruption

How Can We Help You?


Commercial Fire Insurance Claims

Your Insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to look after their interests. He is paid by them to assess the validity of the claim and see how he can reduce or even refuse to pay the claim. He is NOT on your side.

We will manage the entire process and get what you are covered for. Let us present the options to you for a final decision. We will take away the stress and aggravation of dealing with Insurers and their appointed representatives. As well as your Building Insurance Claims, our Loss Assessors will quantify your material, stock and contents losses & our Chartered Surveyors will scope the damage to the building. Business Interruption and Increased Costs of Working(ICOWs) are negotiated to ensure you are returned to pre-loss growth track.

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