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Insurance Claims Handling
In Scotland

We Work For You

Here at Oakleafe Claims Scotland, we specialise in both Domestic & Business Insurance Claims Handling and our teams can support you in all respects in the event of an Insurance Claim. You get access to all our Professionals on your side against the Insurers own Professionals that they use to mitigate their financial liability or even refuse your claim. We work exclusively for you to obtain everything you are entitled to. We will also take the stress away from the entire Insurance Claims Process by handling all the meetings & communications while you can concentrate on your family or business.


Loss Assessor OF THE YEAR

We have been extremely proud to have been acknowledged by our Industry peers as 
Best Loss Assessor at the UK claims awards.



If you have been declined while trying to claim on your domestic or commercial insurance, we can help. We can also help with professional services, for example, Brokers, VAR Valuations and Managing Agents.

Making a domestic claim can often be complicated and extremely stressful.
We will take the stress away and help you recover as quickly as possible.



Any Business incident can cause major disruption to trading. 
We will ensure you receive full entitlement and get your business up and running again.

You may be experienced in negotiating but are you an expert in insurance claims.
Would you go before a court without a lawyeR...

Oakleafe Claims Scotland

Professional Insurance Claims Handling & 
Insurance Loss Assessing

All of our experienced and respected Loss Assessors are based in Scotland and will deal with the Insurance company to support and negotiate your full entitlement of your claim. Our results speak for themselves and we have built up a reputation in Scotland for being the first port of call for anyone who needs to make an Insurance Claim.


customer feedback

Abbas Haider
Abbas Haider
9 October 2023
Had a water leak and called oakleafe. James handled my case and guided me through the full process. Really helpful and paid fairly for the damage.
Jen Bloomfield
Jen Bloomfield
29 September 2023
I have used Oakleafe for 2 domestic insurance claims, and the service has been exceptional both times. In 2018 Michael Fisher negotiated with my home insurer Halifax for a foul water escape, and most recently in 2023 Michael Akinboro, for a storm damaged roof allowing an ingress of water, with additional support from Graham Crumb. I cannot stress enough how highly I rate the Oakleafe service. Not only the level of attentiveness in responses to each of my calls, but the insight and understanding of how best to negotiate a personal claim is without doubt incredibly impressive. They have settled both of my claims at a far greater cash amount that I would ever have envisaged, simply by highlighting and claiming for all the essential works necessary for your domestic claim. Oakleafe are thorough, insightful, tenacious and consistently in contact with you (the client) to manage your expectations and will regularly deliver you updates on the status of your claim, as well as their proposed next steps. If you are a domestic buildings and contents policy holder (like me) who has had an issue with their property, looking to make a claim on your home insurance policy, I cannot urge you enough to contact Oakleafe and let them take the pressure and stress of resolving your claim on your behalf. Oakleafe will tenaciously work to get you the absolute maximum possible from your insurer, tolerate the long and frustrating call wait times that are inevitable to get through to loss adjuster, and leave you only with the choice of which farrow and ball colour you need to choose for the repaint ! Although the aim is to never need claim, when you do - choose Oakleafe. You will not be disappointed.
Meat Truck
Meat Truck
21 September 2023
We at Town and country meats group ltd, found Oakleafe to be efficient and well managed throughout. They certainly made the unfortunate matter a lot more bearable by handling it to the highest standards of professionalism. We would recommend them to anyone looking for this specialist service, and although we hope we wont need them again, we certainly would if needed. We would only use this team to handle any matters of the same sort in the future. Thank you Oakleafe, your help was much appreciated.
Sam Budd
Sam Budd
5 September 2023
Oakleafe were incredibly diligent and supportive throughout the claim process. With all Claims i’ve experienced it is often a real battle to get a fair outcome. We not only got a fantastic outcome, but the expertise of the team allowed us to drive urgency and get things over the line when things seemed to be at a complete stale mate. This saved time and stress which in busy worlds is extremely important!
Steve Ram
Steve Ram
14 August 2023
We appointed Oakleafe following a house fire that caused extensive damage to our home, rendering it uninhabitable. The case is still ongoing, the rebuild and renovations will take more months to complete, it has already been some, but we wanted to post an interim review to express our satisfaction thus far. Our first contact was with, Paul Jennings, who came straight out to speak with us face-to-face on a Sunday. We’re not really the sorts to be swayed by sales-patter or hollow words, we prefer a straight-ahead conversation; so it was nice that Paul was patient in answering our direct questions honestly. We had already searched around and read online reviews ourselves, so it was great that he backed that up in person with his manner and clarity in outlining the pros and cons, so that we could make an informed decision on how to proceed, without it being an overt pressure-sell. At the end of that meeting, we were happy to sign, confident that we were choosing the right company to represent us in this situation moving forward. From that point on our case has been overseen by Pius Ukoko. who has been fantastic in dealing with all the minutiae of the policy, it really has been an eye-opening experience how the Loss Adjustment / Insurance company has at times argued to interpret the policy, against that which would otherwise seem common-sense and fair to any normal person, seemingly in the name of relatively minor cost-shaving and stalling. We are juggling work, severe family health conditions, the trauma of being uprooted from our home and of having our possessions destroyed, so it is wonderful to have Pius and Oakleafe being positive and supportive and fighting on our behalf over each of these points of contention, handling the unrelenting back-and-forth, so that we can at least have some of that pressure alleviated. He has fought diligently, remaining upbeat, to get us the most out of our policy entitlements and this is written now, having received a couple of these welcome payments. For all of his efforts we are grateful. As we proceed into the second-half of this process, we remain reassured that Pius and the team will continue to fight for us just as strongly as they have done so far and help us get through the navigation of this experience, with the same good grace shown so far, that may otherwise have been overwhelming were we to have decided to handle it ourselves. This review is written independently and honestly, without enticement, as the ones we read ourselves at the start helped us to have an idea what to expect and make a decision right for us. We mention Paul and Pius by name specifically, just as we have been so happy with them both and want to give proper recognition; though we of course extend that to all at Oakleafe as a whole also, for all the team support in battling away on our behalf and for our interactions with others at the company having all been positive. We would gladly recommend them to others, based on our experience thus far. We will update this review at the end, once our house is rebuilt / renovated and we are moved back in.
Nadia Nawaz
Nadia Nawaz
7 August 2023
Exceptional Insurance Claim Handlers Around 9 months ago I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with water damage in my home but I am pleased to say that Pius, my claim handler, at Oakleafe exceeded all expectations. His professionalism, swift action and dedication to ensuring a seamless claims process truly made a difference during a challenging time. I am immensely grateful for the outstanding service that Pius has provided and would like to express my gratitude through this review. If you are going through any distress with your insurance claim then I would highly recommend Oakleafe Claims. Pius assisted me and went above and beyond and provided me with an exceptional service. Their expertise, efficiency, clear communications and attention to detail were exemplary. I am grateful for their professionalism as they made a difficult situation much easier for me and handled my insurance company with ease. I am happy with the outcome and this would not have been possible without the help of Oakleafe and Pius in particular.
Jekaterina Aleksandrova
Jekaterina Aleksandrova
19 May 2023
Oakleafe Claims helped me to get to the good outcome on a 1.5 year-long case. The unfortunate delays were caused by Insurance provider and Michael did everything possible to get to the outcomes sooner. I believe if it was not for this company I would have struggled to achieve any positive result for my case. I had a good experience, the process was explained well to me and I was always provided with the updates on my case whenever I wanted them.
Fanny Rush
Fanny Rush
6 May 2023
Both Victoria and then Michael were really helpful. This was a complicated claim and took a long time to sort out. I would have been driven crazy by it if they had not been there to guide it along.
doyin mcarthur
doyin mcarthur
25 November 2022
Excellent service from beginning to end, they helped me get the best claim out of my Insurance

What Is A Loss Assessor?


Insurance Loss Assessors work on behalf of the policyholder. They can manage all meetings with the Insurance Company, assess and quantify your loss. They endeavor to get your full settlement which you are entitled to.

Loss Assessing Services

Making a domestic or business claim can often be complicated and extremely stressful.
We will take all the stress and help you recover as quickly as possible.

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Why Choose Us

We Represent YOU, Not Your Insurer

We will maximize your settlement

Push Insurers to accept liability as quickly as possible

Local Scotland Coverage

Stress Free Support

Make your property safe and mitigate any damage

What Makes Us Different

There when you need us

We will be the buffer between you and your Insurance Company. We will handle all meetings while you concentrate on your family or business.

Complete Transparency

With full FCA Compliance, we are fully transparent with all of our procedures and we take you through every step of the claims process.

Access to Claim Portal

You can view every line of communication and progress we have made on your claim using our Trackpro© Claims Management System.