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Anyone who has experienced burglary in their home will tell you it makes you feel violated, apprehensive and at a loss of your next move, especially when Insurer's Loss Adjusters interrogate you as though you are the guilty party during a domestic household theft claim.

Once you call insurers, they will appoint a Loss Adjuster to validate the claim and check you have met the terms of your policy. Loss Adjusters are there to look after the interests of the Insurance Company. Despite their claim, they are not independent. If they find you have not met the conditions of your policy, they will attempt to refuse (repudiate) your claim. They will check the sums insured are adequate and attempt to significantly reduce any pay-out. Loss Adjusters usually rely on ex-policemen to interrogate policyholders and investigate the claim. Your history, financial obligations and status are questioned to look for motives that may implicate you. Why would you want to attempt this without any representation on your side?


How Can We Help You?

Domestic Burglary

We will protect you and take control of the situation. This way YOU dictate and not your insurance company how your home is dealt with. We have years of experience in the negotiation and management of household fire claims. We collate, prepare and present the paperwork to Insurers to assist in the smooth running of your claim. We will assist in the re-location of your family and pets on a like for like basis.

Chartered Specialists will scope all the damage, even that which is not visible to the naked eye and oversee the construction works. Everyone else in the claim process works for the Insurance company and is looking after their interests. Let us look after yours.

Make your property safe and mitigate any additional damage.

Deal with your insurance company and their loss adjuster, investigator, surveyor etc

Organise boarding up and restoration to your home.

Interpret your policy, its wording and any conflicts relating to compliance with its conditions

Compile and present the claim to insurers

Arrange estimates and valuations, and accurately quantify the full extent of your claim.

Aid with specialist appointments should assistance be required in complex situations such as your own forensic scientists.

You may be a good negotiator but are you an expert in insurance?