The Incident: Fire & Smoke

Mr D neighbour had suffered a fire in the kitchen. The resultant smoke had entered and contaminated the entire property. The family were complaining of sore throats and stinging eyes. Smoke damage was evident throughout. Building finishes, fixtures & fittings and clothing were all stained or odoured.


“Oakleafe Claims Scotland knocked on my door to see if they could assist as they were helping with the claim next door. I explained that although we couldn’t see much smoke damage everything either smelled or was dirty to the touch. I signed a mandate form with them to allow them to help me with my claim to insurers.”


What We Did


The Results

“I did not truly understand the extent of the damage the smoke did. It seems that it managed to get in everywhere. I would never have understood the technical aspects of the claim and I am absolutely delighted with the
outcome. Oakleafe Claims Scotland handled everything including all the phone calls and emails. We have a newly decorated home and my wife had the opportunity to go shopping and replace virtually everything in our wardrobes. What more could we ask for!”